Camping in Glenveagh

“Wild” Camping is the only type of camping permitted within the boundaries of Glenveagh National Park.

It is ONLY permitted within designated areas and under certain conditions. Visitors undertaking multi-day hiking trips and seeking a wilderness experience, are welcome to camp in remote places within the National Park, provided they observe the code of practice known as “the Wild Camping Code”. Permits are required for groups of 10 or more (see below).

There are no serviced camping and caravan sites within Glenveagh National Park.
Overnight camping in Camper Vans is not permitted within the car park, unless permission has been granted in exceptional circumstances.

Please Note: Camping is not permitted in areas around the Visitor Centre and associated paths and Glenveagh Castle and Gardens and associated paths, this will be vigorously enforced, and campers will be moved on. Visitors arriving in Glenveagh Nation Park Visitor Centre with a tent should be aware that they will need to walk for at least 1 hour before they can find a site that complies with the Wild Camping code.

Swimming is NOT permitted on any of the lakes and rivers within the boundaries of Glenveagh National Park.

Please see map with areas marked were camping is NOT permitted:

Camping Exclusion Zones Map


Wild Camping Code

Camping Permits

Leave No Trace