Learning About Nature At Home & School

This is a specially dedicated space to support children, parents and teachers who want to help connect children with nature through hands on learning.

Watch this space for downloadable worksheets, nature identification charts, ideas of things to do in your garden and challenges to link the outdoors to all sorts of areas on the curriculum. We’ll also point you in the direction of recommended websites and books we think might be useful too.Bee on Flower

Send us pictures of your work and tell us what you think. Learning about the natural world can be great way to bring us all together, whether online or in person – so we love to hear from you with your ideas and suggestions.


Insect & Plant Survey

Bird Spotting Challenge

Winter Tree Buds

Check out our own resources and links to fun activities to do at home in your garden or local area:

Make a Bird Feeder

Do a Minibeast Hunt

Learn About Birds in Glenveagh

How to Identify Birds

Bird Spotting Challenge

Spring Wildflower Guide

Discover Pond Insects

Butterfly Guide

Whats on the Seashore


Great insect activities by The Heritage Council:

Insect Activities and Field Guides


Sites that will help children (and grown ups!) learn all about bumblebees:

Information to Read

Activities to Download

Online Course for Grown Ups