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Junior Cert. and Leaving Cert. Ecology

We can offer a field studies day tailored to the ‘Habitat and Ecosystem’ sections of the curriculum. Students will take part in hands on activities using scientific ecological methods and will record their findings in a useful workbook which can be used for revision at a later date. The aim of this day is to bring definitions of terms to life – such as Adaptation, Environment, Habitat, Competition and Food Webs. We hope that students will leave with a greater understanding of the interactions between different living things in a Woodland and a sound understanding of why this type of work is important.

 Ecology Fact Sheet

 Junior Cert Workbook

 Leaving Cert Workbook


Junior Cert. Geography

We can provide a River Studies Day which involves a walk down the Glen path (7km) and a closer look at the work of Rivers. Students will take part in interactive exercises in comparing the three stages of a river and will complete a workbook with their findings. The Barra river offers some excellent examples of features such as Waterfalls, Meanders and Ox Bow Lakes. We will also explore the work of erosion and deposition and examine the river load at various points. Map Work is included in this day as well.

 Geography Rivers Fact Sheet


Health and Safety:

Wellies/strong shoes and sensible, waterproof clothes are strongly advised.

Students and teachers need to bring a packed lunch and we provide all equipment.

Teachers are reminded to ensure they bring adequate supervision for the group and ask pupils to take responsibility for their behaviour in the national park.

Visits last from 10am – 3.30pm and are free of charge.

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