Park Rangers

Glenveagh National Park has a dedicated team of Park Rangers who are there to monitor, manage and protect the wildlife and habitats of GNP and to provide educational and interpretative services.

What does a ranger do in GNP?

Monitor, manage and protect wildlife and habitats in GNP

Carry out park patrols (vehicle, foot and boat)
Wildlife census and survey work

Woodland management

Control and management of invasive species (e.g. rhododendron ponticum)
Tree planting and seed collection

Wildlife management

Control and management of the deer population, including an annual deer cull (September – Febuary)
Predator control (trapping of mink)
Red throated diver habitat management
Assist Golden eagle project

Educational work

Programme of guided park ranger walks and talks
Guided walks for special interest groups (college and university groups)
Facilitate research other scientific work (college and university projects)
Available for public consultation on any nature conservation matters

Access management

Make the park a safer place for walkers to enjoy by restoring old and contruction of new upland access routes
Provide resources for walkers to enjoy GNP safely
Liase and support Donegal Mountain Rescue Team