Derryveagh Evictions

John George Adair

John George Adair- Landlord

Ruins of Bradley House

Bradley’s Cottage – Derryveagh

“On the morning of Monday, the 8th April 1861, 244 people were cruelly evicted from their homes and banished to the roadside”.

The subsheriff of County Donegal, Samuel Crookshank, accompanied by a special force of 200 constables, proceeded along the rough unfinished road that stretched along the north western shore of Lough Gartan evicting from their houses and lands the 47 families who lived in Derryveagh. By the 10th April the work was finished: 244 persons, comprising of 85 adults and 159 children were evicted; 28 houses unroofed or levelled; 11,602 acres of virtually barren land cleared of human habitation.”

The Last Resort

150 sponsored passengers from Derryveagh boarded the Abbsinia to Sydney on the 1st January 1862. The journey took 114 days.

Derryveagh Eviction