The first ever electric car charged from a rapid new car charger at a N.P.W.S site

The first electric car charged using the new rapid EVBOX charger recently installed at Glenveagh National Park was charged on Monday the 26th March 2018. Highland Motors brought an electric Renault Zoe to the park and it was charged using the new EVBOX car charger.

The new rapid car charger was supplied by EVBOX, the civil works were carried out by Sheridan Developments and the electrical works were carried out by O’Hara & Harrison.

This is the first rapid car charger installed by National Parks & Wildlife Service of the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht in their National Parks. It is hoped to install charger at all the major parks in Ireland in the future.

The facility has the capability to charge two cars simultaneously and is located in the public car park at Glenveagh National Park.

To avail of this service please see the carpark attendant on duty or call to the Visitor Centre Desk.


Photographed Victor Gibson, Denis Lafferty of NPWS, James Peoples and Liam of O’Hara O’Hara & Harrison and Stephen Ferry of Highland Motors